Red Nomad Studios

“A safe pair of hands, trustworthy and get’s the job done.”

Red Nomad Studios was founded in 2014 by Barnaby Jaco Skinner and Peter Bartram and is based in the United Kingdom.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner

Barnaby Jaco Skinner


Web / Design / Photography

Barney started Red Nomad from his spare room whilst working in China, providing essential design and photography to international schools and local businesses.


Since 2014, Barney has developed Red Nomad to work with both small and large organisations, most recently having supplied COVID 19 assets for projects within the WHO, international Ebola toolkits for the Red Cross, and photographic and journalistic content for British and Irish NGOs in eastern Africa. He continues to develop author-centric workflow processes for indie publishers world-wide.


A seasoned professional photographer, Barney’s worked for a wide variety of clients around the globe;  from international governments to national press associations, iNGOs, travelling dance troupes, international academia, and embassies Barney has even covered the occasional wedding. Previous work has taken him from the British Isles to China, down to Hong Kong and South East Asia, over to central Europe, and to Africa.

Our design policy

At Red Nomad Studios we tend to separate design in to two distinct categories for clarity: collaborative and corporate. Both categories are organic in their nature, evolving from inception through delivery in a controlled and planned fashion.

Our image policy

Red Nomad Studios operates extensive photography privacy & security policies when working on photographic projects with clients. With reference to well established and recognised codes of conduct within the humanitarian sector, we have adopted, tailored, and expanded four essential core principles when handling media assignments regardless of the content. We use these across all our projects, not just humanitarian:

  • Consent – Written and verbal informed, understood, and accepted consent by all parties. Period. We ensure that all parties understand what informed consent means, and why we use it. Protecting identity and ensuring safety is our primary concern.
  • Respect – We champion mutual respect for all humans no matter the context or situation, yet we do not expect this automatically from others. At Red Nomad we understand it’s our duty to earn this respect from the people, families, and communities we meet through our clients. Visits to often at-risk communities are meticulously planned with local partners and undertaken with the utmost respect for local cultures, traditions, and beliefs.
  • Dignity – We uphold the highest standards for the people and families we work with, their dignity always considered paramount. To adhere to our own best practises, all concepts, interview questions, scripts, image shoots, and video locations are pre-agreed with multiple parties prior to use. Participants in at-risk situations are, as standard, offered multiple options for identity masking. We are here for them, because of them, to listen to them, and to share their stories.
  • Truth – Our content strives to reflect the truth in any given situation. Red Nomad combine multiple perspectives for client portfolios, marrying flat WYSIWYG imagery with ‘candid through consent’ content, enabling all parties equal access to observe, understand, and process the ‘in real life’ reality behind our stories.

RNS will never knowingly produce sensationalist and/or exploitative content.

All our client content is protected by international copyright and may not be used without the express written and verbal permission from both Red Nomad Studios and the respective client.

Our data security policy

Security is paramount in communication, be it analogue or digital. In certain situations, additional security  is required to ensure anonymity. At Red Nomad we offer an ultra-secure data channel to clients to utilise if needed. Transferring data across the internet anonymously is hard, but with TOR, no log VPN, live OS and additional open source software it is possible to communicate securely and anonymously, even in digitally challenging parts of the world. Note that we only offer access to this channel in situations where traditional communications would be knowingly compromised.

Engage. Fight. Educate.

Red Nomad Studios are an equal opportunities organisation and passionately believe in addressing and rebalancing the world for a more equal and fair global society. We operate a zero-tolerance policy on racism, sexism, and ageism, and promote feminism on both personal and professional levels. We develop our social and ethical standards in accordance with progressive international research.

Cultivating inclusive communities

Red Nomad Studios work with people and organisations from all walks of life, with wide-ranging beliefs and faiths. We respect these systems and encourage active and mutual engagement for a more understanding and inclusive global society. In order to best practise this at Red Nomad, as an organisation we operate in a secular environment. We engage with the global gig workforce to scale assets as and when required, and typically run a frugal ship to keep operating costs to a minimum.

Voluntary involvement

Red Nomad offer voluntary services to a meaningful number of projects, enabling those without finance or opportunity to take steps towards their short- and long-term goals. These projects are usually locally based and tend to be under-reported, opting to focus our time and resources on the projects rather than promoting it over social. We plan projects quite far in advance, so interested parties should get in touch to submit a short and concise application through the usual contact channels. Past projects have included technology skills tuition, photography skills tuition and funding, and niche event media coverage for impact growth.

Contact us

Get in touch with Barney at or For project support please contact us at

Alternatively, call Barney on +44 (0) 7305 054 115 or +44 (0) 7458 164 272.

Email is monitored during office hours (and often outside), the phone lines less so. We use Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram, and TOR to keep in contact with our clients.

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