CST-Together & DFID/UKAID Content Collection

Multi-faceted project with CST-Ethiopia and the UK Government (DFID & UKAID) to produce end-of-project studies for presentation to sponsors & donors. Content gathering over four weeks in Southern Ethiopia’s Borana zone followed by text and image post-processing. Final deliverable in PDF and InDesign formats. All content stories were constructed from interviews conducted during the field visits and one hundred images (ten per story) were provided with relevant captions. All interviews were recorded at 48kHz using high-end field records and were provided with full GDPR permissions. RNS additionally produced twenty advertorials to help visualise the impressive impact of the programmes.

Thoughts as we worked…

There is a suggestion within some circles that black and white imagery should be omitted from documentary literature due to the fear that observers will label organisations as subjectively influencing image connotations when using selective colour removal. We agree in principle, no one enjoys feeling like they’re being manipulated, but perhaps omitting black and white all together is somewhat knee-jerk. Black and white works as a powerful mechanism to invoke emotions that colour can often struggle to match and shouldn’t be cast out due to fear of social suicide alone. A viewer may experience an almost immediate understanding of a projects’ purpose when comparing black and white and colour side by side, transferring implied purpose quickly and coherently whilst colour alone may leave the viewer searching for an answer.



January - May 2020