Building a customer base is hard, keeping your customers happy is even harder. We often work with people who need websites built with WordPress – a simple portal to promote their brand and in turn grow their customer base. It’s a bread and butter kinda gig which we love working on, but there comes a time in every journey where the need to grow becomes the need to satisfy, to motivate, and to retain.

Many authors and have come to identify a common problem in this Amazon-dominated industry; author has great book content, social presence, and website > author has dedicated readership base > readership base are hungry for new content > social, website, and readership base take too much time to maintain > author struggles to compete with competition > readership base declines > sales decline.

We were recently consulted to step in and help mitigate this scenario with one of our longer term clients. Given our experience with SaaS, we opted to design and construct a series of automated workflows using industry standard ActiveCampaign. Utilising ActiveCampaign’s intricate and dependable marketing platform, we enabled our client to easily manage tasks that would normally pull them away from relationship building and their precious writing time. Building on previous experience, we helped identify pinch-points and bottlenecks in existing workflows, transferring the bulk of excessive workloads from manual reaction to automatic proaction. ActiveCampaign’s detailed but accessible task-linking framework has allowed RNS to automatically manage:

  • Multiple active reader-base subscription lists.
  • Template the maintenance of monthly newsletter and subsequent update processes.
  • Committing to European GDPR standards on a global basis, not just the EU.
  • Tagging reader interest via subscription endpoint with non-personally identifiable generic book series data.
  • Honouring fast and smooth unsubscribing.

With these new automations whirring silently in the background, RNS and ActiveCampaign are helping authors to build a stronger client relationship workflow whilst giving them the freedom to do what they do best – write great stories. Their proactive approach side-lined one of the most common scenarios that authors struggle to deal with in this connected world.