Redesigning website landing pages to improve UXUI

We recently discussed an update to Alison’s core author website home page. We decided on a slightly more streamlined UX to speed up brand acquisition, solidify subscription performance via an alternative subscription method, and to improve the overall UI using a clearer navigation structure. KeepingĀ  in line with the original full-height viewport landing page requirement, we opted to deviate a little from the original paperback artwork and introduced three new visual hooks:

1 – a video background.
2 – subscription popup via trigger.
3 – additional content below the fold (gasp!)

The video background has been formatted and looped using Google’s webm container, enabling Alison to spend less bandwidth delivering the UX than if using a decent-sized image instead. The site now offers a super inviting welcome that we believe says volumes about Alison and her books. A new subscription via trigger was a decision based purely on statistics and has helped to clean-up what was once a rather obtuse subscription form floating in space. And yes, content below the fold! I’m still in two minds :/ but I like the way it looks so we’re going to go with it for now.

Check it out here.