The end of JPEG or why WebP is best for most

When Google released their proprietary image format WebP, it's fair to say it was to little fanfare. The consensus amongst industry giants was that the standard image format used by the internet, the venerable JPEG, was standard for a reason - it worked across the...

Welcome video for Shoreham and Southwick Liberal Democrats

Covid inevitably led to some interesting working conditions around the world and Red Nomad were certainly no different. The inability to work with or near people for 5 months in the UK meant we had to rethink a number of projects we'd been planning, not least a...

Mavic Mini test for film and stills

We recently bought a Mavic Mini as an introduction in to drone imaging, mainly in the hope it would allow us to reach new angles for clients but also because we've steered clear of drones for far too long. Situatuated at the bottom of DJI's tech ladder, and arguably...

Implementing DaaS for project-critical workflows

Desktop as a service (DaaS) is a relatively new buzzword for a well-established technology - desktop virtualisation. Microsoft (amongst many others) have offered this valuable functionality as part of their higher-tier products since the 70s, and with Covid-related...

Enhancing Client Relationships

Building a customer base is hard, keeping your customers happy is harder. We work with individuals who need websites built with WordPress, a simple portal to promote their brand and in turn grow their customer base. It’s a bread and butter kinda gig which we love...

Redesigning Landing Pages To Improve UXUI

Alison and I go back years, usually working together on backend builds and automations. We recently discussed an update to her core author site home page - out with the old and in with the new! We agreed on a streamlined UX to help speed up brand acquisition, solidify...

The Mother’s Day Mystery by Peter Bartram

The Mother's Day Mystery, Peter Bartam’s 10th book in the Colin Crampton series, also the second in his new The Deadline Murders series. Designed and published in house, released exclusively on Amazon as Kindle & paperback.

The Tango School Mystery by Peter Bartram

The Tango School Mystery, Peter Bartam’s 9th book in the Colin Crampton series, also the first in his new The Deadline Murders series. Designed and published in house, released exclusively on Amazon as Kindle & paperback.

International Baccalaureate Social Studies Posters #2

Four piece 2020 poster set for Ethiopian/Amercian international school to promote social studies modules within the International Baccalaureate DP program.

The Bartram Partnership Logo

Company logo design based on the Royal Pavillion in Brighton, England.