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Red Nomad embody a simple mantra when it comes to photography: plan, shoot, repeat. With 30 years experience behind him, our director knows a thing or two about getting the shot. With images featured across print and digital media, and three awards for his work in China, Red Nomad have worked as professionals in the photographic space for the past 15 years across three continents.


Written content that looks, and reads, great on or off screen. Red Nomad utilise modern publiations practices alongside time-tested proofing methodology and industry-standard software platforms to design, layout, and publish your written and illustrated content. We work both inhouse and remotly with clients from all over the globe.

Field Work

A stream of Amharic dominates the sparking dark of night, a constant verbal flow connecting Bisrate Gabriel with the heavens above. It’s 2am on a Sunday morning and the sky is dark, the streets empty yet the local Ethiopian Orthodox church is eerily active. There is no build up, just a sudden forceful ejection of words through a five-dollar speaker. It’s not aggressive nor unpleasant, perhaps more stern, mystical lullaby. The rhythmic pulses occasionally change pitch and volume, layered with local dog packs howling and the snores of slumbering guards below. I get up and put some coffee on, setup audio gear on the balcony, the Rode now sky high for the clearest sound, and watch through wisps of steaming coffee as a bold yellow disc erupts from behind Entoto. There’s work to be done.

  • Documentary photography
  • Audio recording and production
  • Videography
  • Data collection
  • Participant / focus group interviews
  • Pro-bono voluntary work

Platform Management

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