Welcome video for Shoreham and Southwick Liberal Democrats

Covid inevitably led to some tough working conditions around the world. The inability to work with or near people for five months in the UK meant we had to rethink a number of projects we’d been planning, not least a video for the Liberal Democrats’ in Southwick and Shoreham. A few months earlier we’d been asked to help with a social media engagement video, except our planned concept of the public interview montage was no longer workable, we needed a new plan, one which allowed us to work from afar yet still get core messages across. We decided to simplify the project and went for a more visually impactful storyboard, with the now-standard text overlay and music track.

We took time to capture local footage and images of contested hot spots, spoke at length to local group members regarding their manifesto and plans for the coming years, integrated key areas of focus with the story board flow, and interweaved slowed video footage with high resolution photos and an overlaid textual narrative. As simple as it is, we love the result and find it not only ticks the box for a social media video but also conveys key commitments the local group intend to focus on for the forthcoming years.

As per our engagement policy, Red Nomad work with anyone and everyone who like what we do! As such we don’t draw distinctions between political parties and are keen to work on projects that don’t break our working ethics and guidelines. As part of our commitment to help political groups engage with community at all levels, we agreed to do this project on a voluntary basis.