Publications Production

Written content that looks, and reads, great on or off screen. Red Nomad utilise modern publiations practices alongside time-tested proofing methodology and industry-standard software platforms to design, layout, and publish your written and illustrated content. We work both in-house and remotely.

World Health Organisation

Graphic and web design

Traditional graphic design.

E-book and paperback design and publishing for Amazon.

Proof-of-concept dashboard design of digital content platforms.

We also design, build, and maintain WordPress websites.


Red Nomad embody a simple mantra when it comes to photography: plan, shoot, repeat. With images featured across print and digital media, and three awards for Barney’s work in China, we’ve worked as professionals in the photographic space for the past 15 years across three continents.

Field Work & Data Collection

Documentary photography


Data collection

Location-based audio recording and post-production

Participant / focus group interviews

Voluntary work