WordPress 6 point 0 Updates Rolling Out

May 26th saw Automatic roll-out version 6 of their ever popular WordPress CMS platform. And, as usual, there’s work to be done in order to keep things moving. Plugin authors are notoriously lax at maintaining their own plugins, typically leading to many casualties of war during a milestone WordPress release. With a lot of forethought, and a bit of luck, all our clients are enjoying a smooth upgrade process. Why? Because we keep plugin installs to an absolute minimum, only use plugins when absolutely needed, and only choose reliable, proven plugin authors when looking for new functionality. And they have to offer support. Always with the support. Of course, even reliable authors bow out every now and then leaving website owners in a bit of a pickle. The solution? Don’t leave migrating plugins until the last minute. If you know one of your plugins has lapsed in to disrepair, don’t wait; find an alternative and migrate asap, get the bugs ironed out, and monitor. Guaranteed happiness when the next WordPress release rolls around 😉